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Tracks: Enterprise and E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Blockchain and Big Data.

Last Date Mar 20th     Apply for EXPO Table

Learn about the Pitch Competition Rules.
Questions? Contact Organizer contact@ignitersv.com,
Call us https://calendly.com/ignitercon

Pitch your startup at Centara Grand Convention Center, Bangkok infront of 40+ prominent investors of Silicon Valley and Thailand, ranging from Garage Ventures, Alchemist Accelerator, Swarm Funds and more.

We are partnering with StartupWorldCup.io Thailand, so the Final winner of IgniterCon Pitch Competition will get a GOLD Ticket to the finals at StartupWorld Cup in San Francisco to compete for a GRAND PRIZE OF 1 MILLION DOLLARS

Pitching Competition

Entrepreneurs, you are invited to Pitch at IgniterCon, Mar 27-29 Centara Convention Center at Bangkok! We have multiple tracks covering Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain. Here is the complete steps for the Pitch Competition.

Steps for Success at Pitch Competition

  1. Apply for the Pitch http://bit.ly/IgniterSEA-Pitch
  2. Get your Ticket and reserve your Spot. You need the ticket to attend the exclusive webinar. Get Tickets
  3. Phone Screen:Setup a 15 minute time for Phone Screen/ orientation at 15 minute Phone Screen
  4. Learn the Pitching Format

    PITCHING - 5 Minute Each Pitch by the presenter with One Slide for Background the background with company logo on it (no notes). You do not use notes or flashcards while pitching, it must be by memory.

      5 PITCHING CRITERIA TO WIN (Judges will vote on each criteria)
    1. Is it a good idea?
    2. Is it clearly communicated?
    3. Is the pitch interesting?
    4. Would you like to see this idea developed further?
    5. Overall impression.

  5. Attend the Webinar Thursday (need to get your ticket before this to attend)· Feb 28, 7PM-8PM PST by our Pitch Coach - Roy Terry
  6. Mark your calendar for the important dates.
    • LAST DATE March 20th: Apply for Pitching http://bit.ly/IgniterSEA-Pitch
    • By Feb: Get your Ticket for IgniterCon Pitch Competition
    • Feb 28, 7PM-8PM PST: Attend the Webinar on Pitch by our Pitch Coach - Roy TErry
    • March 15, 7PM - 8PM PST: Attend the online screening for Pitch Competition
    • March 27, 1PM - 5PM:Training for Startups, Communication with Investors workshop
    • March 28, 9AM - 12PM:Training for Startups, Pitch Workshop and Pitch Practice (Top 20 Selected startups)
    • March 29, 2PM - 3:30PM:Pitch Contest - Enterprise and A.I.
    • March 29, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PMPitch Contest - Blockchain & Big Data
    • March 29, 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM Pitch Contest - Award Ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do we need to pay for the Pitch Competition?

You are paying for the entry ticket and for the Startup Expo booth at the Conference.

Can I pay after I get selected?

No, to be eligible for the Pitch Competition Webinar, Screening process, and dedicated Startup workshops, all applicant has to pay so its fair for everybody.

Do I get refund if I am not selected for Pitch Competition? YES

The Pitch Competition Screening is 1 week before the conference, if you are not selected and does not want to attend the workshop and conference you get a full refund.

What is the Startup EXPO booth?

The Startup Expo booth is a 3ft round table you get to promote your product to all attendees, in the Startup EXPO area to display your product, or software on a computer. An Expo booth give you extra visibility among Investors and potential partners.

Do we always get a Discount?

No, we have few discounts left, early Pitch applicant will get a discounted ticket. but we have limited discounted tickets and you get it on first-come-first-serve basis. See the Discount Codes above for applying.

I have a different Question.

Email raj@ignitersv.com or or call me https://calendly.com/ignitercon

Startup EXPO Table

Startups interested in showcasing your product, can also apply for an Expo table along with their Pitch Competition pass. Apply for Expo http://bit.ly/IgniterSEA-Expo

  • Make your brand visible in South East Asia
  • Get in-front of prominent investors
  • Find potential partners among 500+ attendees

Communication workshop with Tom Marcoux

Convince Investors to Fund You: Master the 3 Critical Factors of Pitch, Network and Follow-up

March 27, 3PM-4:30PM, RISE Office.

Want to pitch so well that you get funding? Or give a speech that gets you a lot of YES’s? Or network so well that you instantly build rapport and connection? When you want to be heard and trusted … work with Tom Marcoux, the Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach. Need help to take the big stage in the world?—with a pitch, new brand, a business, a TED Talk, speeches, video marketing, a book? Imagine your impact with all of these elements optimized for Your Leap Upwards to Success and Fulfillment. Tom Marcoux has built his expertise with his life journey. Tom won a special award at the EMMY AWARDS, and his feature film went to Cannes Film market. He taught MBA students at Stanford University. Writer of 45 books, Tom has two required textbooks for MBA students at Sofia University (on Authentic Marketing and Authentic Leadership Communication … the leadership book is “Shape the Future, Lead Like a Pro”). The San Francisco Examiner has designated Tom Marcoux as “The Personal Branding Instructor.” As a pro member of National Speakers Association (over 18 years), Tom taught effective Pitch delivery to Stanford Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs ... and more. As a CEO, Tom has led teams in the U.K, India and USA simultaneously. Visit PitchPowerFest.com and GetTheBigYES.com


Pitching Workshop with Roy Terry

March 28, 9AM-10:30PM, RISE Office.

Roy Terry, Known as the Silicon Valley Pitch Doctor, Roy Terry is a executive coach who will challenge your pitch to be excellent in all aspects. You will receive improvement guidance for content, structure, verbiage, and delivery. Mr. Terry has been training Silicon Valley professionals in communication since 1996. His individual clients range from new startups to emerging leaders at Apple, Google, eBay, and Symantec to name a few. He regularly conducts pitch workshops in Silicon Valley and San Francisco with past clients including the French Consulate, SF, MIT Enterprise Forum, and the Google Launchpad. Mr Terry is trained in NLP, keynote speaking, and improv. He brings entertainment and performance aspects to his coaching. Expect to excel!

Check all the Speakers and Advisors and Investors, who are doing the startup session and workshops.

Get LIVE feedback on your startup from the brightest investors in the startup world.

Meet the Pitch Competition Judges for the Enterprise and E-commerce track!

Meet the Pitch Competition Judges for the A.I., Blockchain and Big Data track!

Check all the Speakers, who are doing the startup session and workshops. Meet all Startup Advisors and Investors

Meet our Igniter Advisors in the "Advisor Hour" 12:30pm-1:30 pm on March 29 in a 1-on-1 setting and get advise on the next steps on your startup.

Meet the Startup Advisors!